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Mini Me
Substation Model


This is the Mini Me Substation Model used to help train
Substation Grounding during the classroom portion of the training. It also has a small
charge that blows off during the classroom presentation to keep every one alert.

See more pics below!

Safe Environment to Learn Step by Step Protocol
With the help of some protective grounds made with balsa wood and small test leads the Mini Me Substation comes to life.

Circuit Breaker complete with control panel
A cardboard tube and six spark plugs made up the basics for this 115 kv replica.

Transformer with radiators,control panel and sudden pressure device
A plastic junction box and two different sized spark plugs made up the basic for this 115 kv -12 kv transformer.

Wave Trap gives detail to EPZ environments
A large wood dowel was the perfect scale for the main component of this wave trap.

Wave Trap control panel
Each control cabinet was given specific detail to add a sense of quality to the training board

Ground Grid wraps around all equipment in Mini Me Substation
All protective grounds and equipment in Mini Me Substation tie to a common grid ceating an EPZ environment.